This  4-Day Holistic Pro Intensive Massage Diploma Course package includes the industry's

most popular massage diploma training courses.  Fast-track your way into a lucrative new

career as a massage therapist and save 10% on individual course fees.

What's included:


The Indian Head Massage Diploma Course covers the relevant anatomy, but the majority of time will be spent on the routine itself.  The massage involves various strokes and techniques which are traditional, and true to the routine brought over from India. 


The Thai Foot Massage Diploma Course incorporates a combination of acupressure, energy meridian work, plus elements of shiatsu and reflexology. This massage is a perfect addition to a regular massage routine and is also ideal as part of a luxury pedicure treatment. Reflexologists also find that it is a perfect extension to their existing skill sets, thus adding another offering to their current clients.


The Eastern Facial Massage Diploma Course covers the theory of acupressure points and how to locate and work the points. The massage routine is in several parts and incorporates various movements designed to give your client a complete holistic experience.


The Japanese Hand Massage Diploma Course is a massage of the arms and hands and is a unique blend of shiatsu and reflexology. The course covers the techniques of applying pressure in the correct points on the hands and arms to restore the flow of energy, leaving the client refreshed and renewed.  It's an ideal and complementary addition to a standard manicure.


These massages are also ideal for beauty therapists who would like to add another dimension to their usual treatments on the face, hands and feet. They are also a perfect addition to your general massage repertoire, either for the experienced therapist or complete beginners.








Holistic Pro Intensive Massage Diploma 4-Course Package Benefits:

Easy and fun to learn

Friendly and informal

We provide everything you need

All courses carry CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points

A qualification in anatomy and physiology is not required

Price includes your Diplomas, comprehensive course notes and insurance details

1-2-1 tuition ensuring individual attention throughout each class

Do you need an A&P qualification?  Take a look at our Guild-accredited 

Online Anatomy and Physiology Home Study Course.



















4 Massage Practitioner Diplomas


Four Days


The Guild of Professional Beauty/Holistic Therapists



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