£550 inc A & P | £350 without A & P

This course is a full body Holistic Massage Practitioner’s Diploma Course, and is

designed for those who wish to become professional massage therapists. 


This Holistic Massage Practitioner Diploma course consists of an intensive 2-day practical course, with an assessment which consists of a client consultation and full body massage treatment. There is also a short written test.  The theory course notes will be sent to you so that you can study for the required test before you attend on the course dates. Our core manual, containing health and safety information along with other material which all therapists need to know, will be sent to you so that you can study before you attend on the course dates.  Your course includes the theory required to become a professional massage therapist, including consultation, contraindications, aftercare, the history and benefits of massage and the characteristics and uses of a selection of carrier oils.

Holistic (or Swedish) Massage involves the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue (the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments) using the hands in a gentle, flowing massage technique that uses varying degrees of pressure and stretching movements. It is most commonly used for relaxation, improving well-being and lymphatic drainage.  


After being awarded this Diploma, students will be able to obtain insurance to practice full body Holistic/Swedish Massage professionally. Details will be given to you during the course.


£550 including A & P

£350 without

A & P


Practitioner Diploma in Holistic Body Massage


Complete the A & P online 

Two Days Practical


Inc. A & P:  The Guild of Professional Beauty/Holistic Therapists

Without A & P: Professional Ethical Practitioners and Westminster Indemnity

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