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Get professional insurance right away
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Immediate issuance of insurance certificate and cover

Insurance for therapist individuals, partnerships, limited companies, entities and groups

Massage therapists ease stress for others, but running a business can create a lot of stress for you. The last thing you need when it’s time to renew or buy your business insurance is to spend hours shopping around for quotes, or filling in forms for a broker. Negligence claims against therapists, salons and nail technicians do happen. Even if you feel that you have not been at fault or done anything wrong, a client can still make a claim against you and insurance is vital to protect you if this happens. Our insurance service lets you do it all in one go, and you can be covered in no time by an insurer you trust.  We have partnered with Westminster Insurance to offer you what we believe is the most comprehensive insurance policy available.  Our easy online application means immediate issuance of insurance certificate and cover, available for over 500 therapies and other businesses.

Why Use Westminster

First class friendly help on the phone. No salesmen, no gimmicks. Westminster make insurance easy

Full support in the event of a claim, giving comfort and removing the hassle and stress

Free badge for your website. Inspire customer confidence by displaying your insurance badge

Fast, easy online quote, 24/7. Get your quote and insurance documents in minutes

Highly recommended by training organisations and professional associations

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